Fitness Expo Dubai

Come meet me at the Fitness Expo in Dubai Fall 2017. The Dubai Fitness Expo is going to be largest fitness event in the country, and so far, the world.

We will be welcoming visitors to the Dubai International Marine Club, where they will enjoy world class events, connect with fitness experts from around the world and try out some of the latest equipment and apparel.

Traditionally, Dubai has been the cradle of development and as a city, shows unprecedented resolve to achieve new heights. The people of Dubai too are able, willing and ready to embrace better, healthier ways of life.

The Fitness Expo Dubai aims to be the most effective way to harness this spirit and bring change for the better.

With all this, the Fitness Expo Dubai also presents the perfect opportunity for health and fitness brands to make their way into UAE’s market, and from here, gain global reach thanks to UAE’s rich cultural diversity.